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What is the best mix for concrete?

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What is the best mix for concrete?

If you’re planning a DIY project which requires the use of concrete, you may be wondering what is the best way get the most suitable concrete mix for your needs.

Whether you’re laying a driveway, building a patio or working on some foundations, you’ll need a quality concrete mix to ensure a successful project. Before you start your project, you’ll have to decide whether you’ll mix the concrete yourself, or take advantage of ready mix concrete instead.

On this page, we’re looking at the differences between these two options and why one may be preferred over the other.

Time commitment

One of the most obvious, and probably important, differences between readymix concrete and mixing the concrete yourself is the time demands for each. This will be of particular note for larger projects or projects with a firm deadline.

Mixing concrete yourself demands a lot of time and constant attention to attain the correct mix, and the more concrete you need, the longer it will take to mix. Typically, the sheer time dedication isn’t feasible for a lot of projects, even for smaller DIY jobs, and choosing readymix concrete offers a much more convenient option.

Readymix concrete allows you to have the correct mix delivered right to your worksite, ready to pour immediately. This gives you much more time to sort out other aspects of the project, such as installing wooden formwork or preparing the subbase and general worksite in advance. The pouring process will also be much faster, as the whole batch will be readymixed to go, as opposed to you having to mix load after load in wheelbarrows as you go.

Mix quality

As we hinted at above, hand mixed concrete might not provide the optimal results required for your chosen project. Before the concrete is mixed by your supplier, you can discuss the project with them and they will be able to suggest the most suitable mix for your needs. This includes the addition of admixtures which can be introduced to meet specific requirements, such as improved strength or workability, for instance.

The mix will also be more consistent, being constantly poured upon delivery instead of having to mix batches after the previous one has been applied. Inconsistencies like this can lead to structural weakness upon completion, and if you’re working on load-bearing walls or foundations, this can compromise the entire project.

Readymix concrete offers a reliable consistency and optimal mix quality for the job at hand, so if you have any concerns along these lines, hand mixing your own concrete is definitely a much riskier venture.


Figuring out how much concrete you need can be tricky, and if you mix your own concrete it’s easy to overestimate how much concrete you actually need. This can lead to wasted concrete being left over after the project – which ends up being wasted time and money. Readymix concrete will be mixed for your specific project, so over ordering is much less of an issue, and you only pay for the amount you use. This negates the cost associated with wasted concrete, and means you don’t have to worry about figuring out a way to dispose of it yourself.

Visual appeal

For decorative projects, like driveways or patios, the end appearance of your concrete will be critical to its success. Hand mixed concrete which is poured bit by bit will set inconsistently, and will be more likely to have a finish to match. Readymix concrete will be poured as one batch setting with more consistency at the same speed, making a pleasurable finish much easier to attain.


You might think that opting to mix the concrete yourself will save you some money, but this may not be the case. Supplying your own concrete means buying multiple bags, as well as any tool rental or mixer hire that you might need. For larger DIY projects, the costs can quickly add up, and you need to be sure that you have everything you need before getting your hands dirty. Concrete suppliers are able to provide a quote for their services, which won’t change unless the project itself does. This will give you a firm idea of the costs before the work starts, and will include much fewer supplemental costs than getting everything together yourself.

Ever Readymix Concrete are proud to be a leading supplier of readymix concrete to customers throughout the Yorkshire region. Our expert team will work with you to find the optimal mix for your project, delivering it promptly to your site so it can be poured without any fuss. To arrange a quote or site visit, or for more information on our services, dont hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.