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What is the difference between self levelling & self compacting concrete

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What is the difference between self levelling & self compacting concrete

Self-compacting concrete (SCC) is revolutionizing construction, and Ever Ready Mix is at the forefront of delivering this innovative solution. Unlike traditional concrete, SCC effortlessly flows and molds into desired shapes without the need for external compaction tools.

What is Self-Compacting Concrete?

Self-compacting concrete, also known as self-levelling or self-consolidating concrete, boasts exceptional fluidity, effortlessly conforming to any design. At Ever Ready Mix, our SCC formulations are meticulously crafted to ensure optimal flowability and viscosity.

What is SCC Made From?

SCC comprises standard concrete ingredients—cement, water, and aggregates—yet with a higher ratio of fine aggregates and water-reducing agents. Ever Ready Mix’s SCC blends are engineered to perfection, guaranteeing superior performance on every project.

Advantages of SCC from Ever Ready Mix

Experience the multitude of benefits SCC offers. By eliminating the need for manual compaction, SCC reduces labor requirements, saving both time and resources. Moreover, its self-levelling properties ensure flawless finishes on walls and floors, delivering unparalleled quality.

Applications of SCC

Ever Ready Mix SCC finds widespread use in various projects, from high-rise buildings to bridges and tunnels. Its exceptional flowability ensures complete filling of formwork, crucial for intricate structures. Additionally, SCC’s ability to adhere tightly makes it ideal for creating smooth surfaces in critical infrastructure projects.

Achieve Architectural Excellence with Ever Ready Mix SCC

Unlock limitless design possibilities with Ever Ready Mix SCC. Our formulations enable the creation of intricate shapes and designs, elevating architectural aesthetics and leaving a lasting impression on every project.

Ready to experience the transformative power of SCC? Contact Ever Ready Mix today to explore how our expertise can enhance your construction endeavors.