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Does Concrete Mix Expire?

Posted on 23rd January 2020 by Ever Readymix Concrete

concrete mixing

Concrete mix is a hugely popular choice for all sorts of construction work, whether that’s a home DIY challenge or a commercial construction job. It is available to buy in bags for immediate use but many people find that they either don’t need to use it all, or they buy it in advance and it ends up going ‘off’.

It can be hard to tell whether your mix is still suitable to use and how acceptable it is to do so once it has passed its sell-by date. In this article, we will go through some common questions about concrete mix and explain why it has an expiration date.

How long is the shelf-life of concrete mix?

The shelf-life of concrete mix usually varies from a couple of months to several. If it has been stored in an airtight container in an environment where the temperature and humidity have been controlled (which is highly unlikely), it may last up to a year. The expiration date of your concrete mix should, however, be clearly labelled on its packaging. In general, the sooner you use it, the better.

Why does concrete mix expire?

Even if your concrete mix has been kept largely dry, the cement it is made of still reacts to humidity and moisture in the air – not just water and dampness – and over time it loses its strength. Another reason concrete mix has an expiration date is because the mix can contain ingredients that are harmful to skin, the effects of which are more apparent once the mix has gone out of date.

concrete in wheelbarrow

Why using expired concrete mix is a bad idea

It may seem tempting to use expired concrete for small jobs or repairs around the house, but it’s not worth the hassle – you will be left with a shoddy job and concrete that just does not stand the test of time. In a similar vein, if you are using it in a professional capacity, old concrete can result in bad quality jobs that have to be repaired, costing you customers and your reputation.

What to do instead of using expired concrete mix

Rather than risking it and using old, expired concrete mix, we recommend that you go straight to the professionals and order the exact specifications of concrete that you need, so that you don’t end up with any that goes to waste sitting in your garage. Ready mix concrete is great for any job, no matter the size or application, and choosing a reputable company means that you can guarantee the perfect mix, with plenty of time to lay the concrete once it is on-site.

With dedicated concrete plants in Goole, Sandtoft and Barnsley, Ever Readymix Concrete Ltd is a leading supplier of concrete and screeds ranging from 0.5 to 8 cubic metres. We serve domestic and commercial customers all over the Yorkshire region; our concrete is available by delivery or on collection for smaller quantities. To enquire about our quality ready mix concrete, or to find out more, contact our friendly team today and we’ll be more than happy to help.