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How To Clean Concrete

Posted on 9th May 2018 by Ever Readymix Concrete

The cleaning of concrete will help extend its service life and enhance its aesthetics. Whether you want to spruce up your front driveway or are getting the patio ready for a barbecue – it’s time to look at the crucial role that concrete plays in your home.

Ultimately, it is your choice how you choose to clean your concrete and the sole responsibility rests with yourself. This article is simply a run down of the products available for the purposes of cleaning concrete.

How to clean concrete?


Cleaning Specific Stains Using Chemicals

Water on its own is a decent cleaner of concrete and removes dirt and debris. However, if you find oil spots where a car is regularly parked, you may want to invest in a degreaser. Used alongside hot water, an alkaline degreaser will increase the effectiveness of removing automotive oil. The water lifts the oil from the concrete while the degreaser emulsifies the oil, which allows it to be carried away from the surface.

Concrete that has been drilled into or has exposed reinforcement will eventually show signs of rust. This is a toughie to completely eradicate as rust penetrates deep into the concrete. Look for a cleaner containing oxalic acid, as this has been observed to be most effective.

Using Pressure Washers

Use any kind of pressure washer on your concrete and you’ll notice results right away. However, if you are renting industrial equipment, make sure not to exceed 3000psi or a flow rate of 4 gallons per minute. These levels will work great for most jobs. The flow rate will determine how effectively contaminants are washed from the surface of the concrete. If your concrete surface is vertical, this won’t matter so much as gravity will assist you in cleaning the surface of dirt.

Natural Eco-friendly Cleaners

Vinegar is a classic natural cleaner and should be mixed with equal parts of water. Only use neat vinegar on heavily soiled parts of a patio. Baking soda is also a natural alternative which should be mixed as half a cup of baking soda to 2 litres of water with a squirt of dish soap, to make for a gentle cleansing solution. Simply spray onto the surface generously, let sit for 30 minutes then scrub away the lifted dirt. All in all, an eco-friendly brace of methods for the conscientious homeowner.

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