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A History of Concrete [infographic] by Ever Readymix

Posted on 31st January 2019 by Ever Readymix Concrete

The History of Concrete

A history of concrete by Ever Readymix

There have been many different variations of concrete throughout history and this month we’ll be looking at the rich history of this versatile and indispensable construction material, from the Egyptians all the way up to the latest Smart Slab.

Early History, 6500 BC – 476 AD

Bedouins, 6500 – 700 BC
The Bedouin traders used cement to build underground cisterns and kilns to fire clay and bake bread in the desert.

China, 3000 – 476  BC
Chinese subjects used cement to build boats and the Great Wall of China.

Egypt, 3000 BC
The Egyptians used a crude mix of mud, straw, gypsum and lime to create concrete which is used to build the pyramids.

Romans, 300 BC – 200 AD
The Romans built the Colosseum and the Parthenon using Roman concrete.

Modern History, 1824 – 1891

Joseph Aspdin invented Portland cement and named it after the rock found at his local quarry.

Germany undertook the first ever compressive and tensile strength testing.

Alvord Lake Bridge is the first reinforced concrete bridge, built in San Francisco, USA.

The very first street made entirely of concrete set in Bellefontaine Ohio, USA.

20th Century to the Present Day

The first ready mix concrete is delivered to a site in Maryland, Baltimore, USA.

Lynn Mason Scofield produced the first commercial coloured concrete.

Air entraining agents are successfully used to prevent freeze-thaw damage.

The Penguin Pool at London Zoo opened featuring two helical concrete ramps.

Fibre reinforcement is used commercially to build taller, stronger and more ambitious buildings, bridges and dams.

The University of Zurich created the first 3D printed ‘smart slab’. It’s half the weight of a traditional slab and 20mm at its thinnest point.

Ever Readymix is proud to be a leading supplier of ready mix concrete to customers throughout the Yorkshire region. Our expert team work with you to find the optimal mix for your project, delivering it promptly to your site so it can be poured without fuss. To arrange a quote or site visit, or for more information about any of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.