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How to Remove a Concrete Splatter From Brick

Posted on 28th December 2018 by Ever Readymix Concrete

Working with concrete can be a messy business and splatters are commonplace. These are easy to clean when fresh but often you’ll only notice a splatter once the job is done and the concrete is already cured.

If this is the case, you’ll need to know how to remove it, particularly from house bricks. So, let’s look at how to prevent concrete splatters and how to remove them easily.  

Splatter Prevention

If you’re the one doing the concreting, it’s better to prevent the splatter happening in the first place.

When laying a concrete slab, be sure to invest in decent quality tarps and plastic sheeting to avoid unwanted concrete splatters in the first place. Place them on the ground surrounding the slab and over any nearby walls, such as patio walls, flower beds and the walls of your house.

You can further minimise the risk of splatters on house bricks by asking your concrete supplier to deliver using a concrete pump. This means the concrete won’t travel by wheelbarrow to the intended site, which reduces the chances of spillages and makes the pouring much easier, too.

Clean it off Quickly

A timely cleaning of the concrete from the brick is very important. Cement is an adhesive that binds all the ingredients in the mix together. It is composed of many strong chemicals that cure when you add water and this process generates heat and makes the mix corrosive for a time with the pH rising as high as 12.

If you notice a concrete spillage on brick and can remove it before the curing process progresses, you stand a better chance of a thorough removal. After this time, removal is far more difficult. If the splatter is fresh all you need is a stiff brush and soapy hot water.

Cleaning Cured Concrete Splatters from Brick

Large chunks of concrete can be difficult to dissolve, so it’s best to remove the larger part of the concrete by other means. Don’t use force or mechanical means if the concrete is on glass, wood or plastics as this will damage the surface below. For cleaning brick, it is safe to take a cold chisel and hammer and gently tap at the larger part of the concrete.

Before doing so, try soaking the concrete with hot soapy water to lubricate it partly. This also works well if the brick or stone is particularly smooth and slick. In this instance, it is better to slide a flexible metal putty knife behind the splatter and pry it away from the surface. This often results in a very clean and satisfying removal.

Concrete Cleaners

Most concrete cleaners use harsh chemicals to partially dissolve unwanted concrete. Therefore, absolute care must be taken if you choose to use this method. Always wear the right personal protective equipment and do not spill any cleaner on nearby concrete that you want to remain intact. If you are at all unsure, employ a professional to remove the concrete.

Ever Readymix Concrete is proud to be a leading supplier of ready mix concrete to customers throughout the Yorkshire region. Our expert team work with you to find the optimal mix for your project, delivering it promptly to your site so it can be poured without fuss. To arrange a quote or site visit, or for more information about any of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.