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Benefits of Choosing Readymix Concrete for Construction Projects

Posted on 10th March 2017 by Ever Readymix Concrete

Readymix concrete is manufactured under controlled conditions in a specialist mixing facility. In today’s industry, the machines that do the mixing are computerised and use precise amounts of aggregate and water to blend the perfect mixes. The concrete is then delivered using more specialist equipment, ensuring nothing is wasted and the concrete is poured exactly where it needs to be. There can be no doubt that buying readymix is the most convenient option for large or small quantities of concrete, but what exactly are its other advantages? Let’s find out.

Workers pouring concrete on big floor construction on the construction site

Professional service

Readymix concrete suppliers employ workers who are knowledgeable about the product they sell. The best will offer free site visits, quotes and will be able to work out how much concrete you require using a few measurements. This reduces waste, speeds up the process on delivery day and ensures that you are happy with the service. If you are confident in working out your own volume of concrete, you can use a handy concrete calculator like the one at the top of this page.

Higher quality

The controlled conditions of a mixing facility means readymix concrete is free from defective material that might otherwise end up in concrete mixed onsite. A consistent quality of ingredients is also assured.

Same day service

Reputable readymix companies will offer a same day service, so you are not left in the lurch when it comes to looming construction deadlines, or when you don’t have enough concrete to meet your needs.


Readymix is open to more options when it comes to delivery. Mixing trucks and concrete pumps deliver the concrete and ensure it remains plastic, which will save you time and manpower.

Reductions in pollution

Mixing concrete in bulk in a facility means that pollutants such as cement dust are kept to an absolute minimum. This is safer for workers and better for the environment.

Energy efficiency

Another benefit of making batches in bulk are the energy savings. Large mixers are more efficient than smaller, onsite mixers and do not sap the onsite utilities or add to the energy bills.

Space savings

With readymix, there is no need to use valuable space to store fine and coarse aggregates, cement, water and admixtures.

Increased concrete lifespan

All the above benefits add up to poured and cured concrete that is of superior quality to alternative bagged concrete. The increased durability and better finish will mean that it can provide decades of service.

In summary

Readymix concrete is a popular choice for a reason. A large or a small pour of concrete can be made in an efficient manner, on time, to budget and in an eco-friendly manner, all with the use of readymixed concrete delivered directly to site.

Ever Readymix provide a comprehensive service to meet all your readymix concrete needs. With free quotes, site visits and a fleet of vehicles and concrete pumps to suit any construction project, we will deliver expertly mixed concrete anywhere across the Yorkshire region. We also offer evening, weekend and bank holiday delivery by arrangement, so our services are truly unbeatable. For more information on our products and services, do not hesitate to get in touch today!