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Tips for Preparing for Your Concrete Delivery

Posted on 28th February 2017 by Ever Readymix Concrete

Preparing to lay fresh concrete for a new driveway, foundation or garden path can be easy, if you follow these simple steps.

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Before the concrete arrives

  • Find a suitable location for the supplier to park their concrete mixer truck. It will ideally be on private land adjacent to the work site. If the truck cannot be parked nearby, you may need to hire a concrete pump to transport the concrete from the truck to the site.
  • Speak to the supplier in advance to ensure you have the right amount of concrete. Too much, and you may be charged for disposal; too little, and you will have to pay for a new delivery. Use a concrete calculator (like the one at the top of this page) to be sure you get it right first time.
  • Give your neighbours prior warning, including the date and time you intend the delivery to take place. It can take time to manoeuvre large vehicles safely in built-up areas, so assure those who live nearby that you have taken every step to minimise disruption.

On site preparations

  • Prepare the ground where the concrete will be poured the day before delivery – this gives adequate time to iron out any problems. Ensure the ground is level, remove debris and use an appropriate subgrade that has been sufficiently compacted.
  • Check your frame/formwork before the concrete arrives. It should be secure and strong enough to support the amount of concrete you have ordered.

When the concrete is delivered

  • If you are using a wheelbarrow to shift the concrete from the truck to the required location, have enough manpower on hand to make the job efficient. The same goes for pouring and tamping the concrete.
  • Pour the concrete and rake it out to ensure an even surface is achieved. You will need the correct tools to pour and form the concrete.
  • Tamp the concrete with a tamping beam (a sturdy plank) to compact and level the concrete. One person at either end of the beam can tap down the concrete using the beam, then  apply a ‘sawing’ motion to smooth off the surface.
  • After pouring and forming, cover the concrete with polythene sheets to prevent moisture escaping too quickly. This will make sure the concrete cures properly and reaches its peak strength.

For comprehensive answers to questions brought up in this article, a site visit by your concrete supplier is recommended. They will know where is best to park the delivery vehicle and whether a concrete pump is necessary. They can also provide advice on the amount of concrete required for your project. Preparation is key to a concrete delivery that gets your project off to a flying start, and there is no better place to seek advice than your trusted concrete supplier.

Ever Readymix Concrete supply ready mix concrete for commercial and domestic purposes throughout the Yorkshire region. With a concrete pump and site visit service available, we can provide answers to all your concrete delivery questions and get your project rolling with a high quality concrete supply and delivery service. For more information, get in touch with us today!