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Benefits Of Using A Concrete Pump

Posted on 8th January 2018 by Ever Readymix Concrete

The distinct advantages of concrete pumping make it a popular choice for commercial and domestic clients, and in some cases it is the only way to place concrete quickly and effectively. Here’s what you need to known about the benefits of using a concrete pump on certain construction projects.


High Quality of Concrete

Though all concrete provided by a reliable supplier will be of a high grade, a concrete pump allows the least amount of water to enter the mix. In turn, this makes for stronger overall concrete with a minimised risk of cracks and shrinkage. The concrete is, therefore, likely to be in better repair for longer and require less maintenance over time.


Lower Manpower Costs

Unlike the old method of unloading concrete into wheelbarrows and transporting the concrete to the desired location, a concrete pump doesn’t need as much manpower. It’s also quicker and more convenient this way. You can reduce the costs by letting the concrete pump do the heavy lifting that would otherwise need to be done by a small team of workers.


Precise Pouring

Precise pouring means time savings and waste reduction. You’ll be better off with a pour directly into the desired location, as a concrete pump eliminates another link in the chain of transportation. Less links means fewer chances to waste time, energy and concrete. There’s also less of a chance for the concrete to be contaminated by waste products and debris.


Ease of Access

If your jobsite is awkward to access with a conventional setup, then a concrete pump is specially designed to overcome this situation. A concrete pump can be used to deliver concrete from the truck to the pouring location over a long distance. A boom can also be used to elevate the concrete over houses and other tall structures, to the desired location.

Ever Readymix provide high quality concrete to commercial and domestic customers throughout Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. We’re always innovating and developing our services to meet the needs of all construction projects and are just as happy pouring a small amount as we are pouring large quantities of ready mix concrete. Whether its foundations for a single car garage, or a multi-storey car park, be sure to contact Ever Readymix. We’re always happy to help.