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Concrete’s Greatest Assets

Posted on 1st November 2017 by Ever Readymix Concrete

It will come as no surprise that concrete is the world’s most widely used construction material. For those not in the know, this week we’re going over the many reasons why domestic and commercial environments are enhanced by this most versatile of materials.

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Domestic Concrete

Durable: If it’s good enough for the Colosseum in Rome it’s good enough for the home. Concrete floors can be polished and stained to give a strikingly bold look that will outlast the rest of the kitchen fittings. Also, exposed concrete walls and pillars have become a signature feature of clean, minimal decors in modern homes.

Practical: Concrete features in the home are not cold, contrary to popular belief and they hold their heat well. Ambient temperatures are achieved when the heating is on in autumn and winter, and in summer concrete is cool underfoot.

Stain Resistant: With a correctly sealed concrete floor, you’ll never have to worry about stains in the kitchen ever again. Another plus point is that concrete only ever needs to be washed with soap and warm water, meaning there’s no need for harsh chemical cleaners to be used.

Slip Resistant: It is fast becoming an old wive’s tale that concrete is slippy but this simply is not the case. The finishes available are diverse, so if you want a finish that is guaranteed to be rather grippy underfoot, you can arrange that with your supplier. Even this isn’t necessary as dry, polished concrete is no more slippy than a wooden floor. Concrete is also resistant to fire, frost and mould, too.

Commercial Concrete

Acoustics: As the need for housing increases, the urban environment becomes dense. Combine this with the boom in entertainment systems use since the on-demand television era began and you can believe the statistics stating that noise complaints have risen in built up areas. Thankfully, improved sound insulation, particularly in high-rise buildings, has been achieved using concrete as a main construction material.

Flooding: Development of new properties in areas liable to flood risk are only permitted when the developer has taken appropriate measures to defend the property from a sustained flood. Typically this is either through barrier defences or is achieved using a ‘strutted’ design where a building is lifted off of the ground with pillars. Typically the space beneath is an ideal place to park cars under normal circumstances. In both instances, concrete is the material of choice because of its ‘water resilient’ properties, or it can be fully waterproofed.

Fire: Concrete is unaffected by fire in the way that most construction materials are. It does not burn, does not emit harmful chemicals, drip molten particles, give off fumes or spread flames. Its molecular structure also means it acts as a naturally airtight barrier within the building, which can help to delay the spread of flames.

Thermal mass: This is essentially a material’s ability to absorb, store and release heat. Dense materials like concrete are very efficient at storing and slowly releasing heat. Concrete’s high levels of thermal mass means it is very useful for regulating a building’s temperature.

Ever Readymix supply all manner of concrete services for customers in the Yorkshire region. Whether you require domestic or commercial concrete, we are on hand with a range of ready mix and mix-on-site concrete grades to satisfy your needs. For more information about any of our services, contact our experienced team today.