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Top Reasons to Choose Concrete Flooring

Posted on 21st October 2015 by Ever Readymix Concrete

Top Reasons to Choose Concrete Flooring

Concrete is often thought of as a boring and not very versatile flooring choice. However, what many people don’t know is that concrete’s ability to fit a variety of designs, economical price and long lifetime makes it a perfect flooring choice for both commercial and domestic buildings.

Concrete floor

The alternative flooring option is increasingly popular with trending designers who favour the industrial-look that polished concrete can provide. We’ve listed some of the reasons concrete flooring is a great choice for your premises below.


Concrete is an extremely tough material, able to withstand an enormous amount of weight and pressure, even from heavy equipment such as cars and stacked crates. The flooring is therefore not prone to damage, and can be walked across in high heels, decorated with furniture and used daily without the risk of breaking it.

Easy to maintain

Concrete’s smooth, flat surface offers the huge bonus of being extremely easy to maintain. The protective sealant only needs to be reapplied every 3 – 9 months depending on the level of foot traffic it sees, and other than this, regular sweeping or mopping will keep the floor looking clean and brand new.

Long lasting

Concrete’s durability and low maintenance appeal means it can last indefinitely. A properly sealed and looked after concrete floor can survive a high amount of foot traffic in domestic and commercial applications, even providing a worn, vintage feel if it’s been around for long enough.

Range of design options

Designers have a surprising range of options when it comes to using concrete as flooring, with unlimited choices in colour and texture effects. You can stain or paint the surface for an interesting look, or even create textured patterns that emulate marbled, stone and even wooden flooring.


The cost of concrete is far more economical than many flooring options. What’s more, concrete’s range of design options provides the opportunity to create faux flooring patterns at a fraction of the cost!


Of course, as with any flooring choice there are always some disadvantages. Concrete can be susceptible to the cold, although this is easily countered with rugs. One main concern some homeowners may have is how hard the flooring is; items dropped on concrete could easily break, and for those standing for long periods of time, concrete could get uncomfortable, so it’s important to take these factors into account when choosing your flooring options.

Here at Ever Readymix Concrete, we’re the largest independent supplier of concrete in the Yorkshire region. Our expert team are on hand to provide high quality concrete floors, ensuring you receive the finish and design you require.

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