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Why Use Ready Mixed Concrete?

Posted on 23rd November 2015 by Ever Readymix Concrete

In the construction industry, most people know that concrete can be procured in a number of ways. The biggest two options centre around on-site production versus using ready mixed concrete from specialist contractors. Ready mixed concrete is an increasingly popular choice for projects of all sizes, and in this article we examine why choosing ready mixed concrete from specialists such as us here at Every Readymix is better than any other alternative.

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More Convenient

Mixing concrete on site can be difficult, as it’s important to do this near to the site that is to be concreted. In contrast, ready mixed concrete can be delivered anywhere by truck, and can be poured directly from the truck into the formwork or handling equipment.

Likewise, ready mixed concrete does not require the space and storage needed for on-site mixing facilities, making it a more convenient method for managing your concrete needs. Ready mixed concrete is therefore a far more convenient method of transporting concrete and ensuring it is ready to poured into the site on time.

Better Quality

Ready mixed concrete is produced to exact specifications under factory conditions. This ensures the product will be of the highest possible standard, with the same consistent quality throughout the mix. Ready mix contractors are specialists in this field, and know what is needed for the perfect concrete mix – using this as opposed to an on-site mix by more inexperienced staff means a guaranteed better pour.


There is also an argument that enlisting the services of a ready mixed concrete contractor is more economical for your project. Firstly, it saves on the cost of purchasing your own mixing equipment, and facilitating the space to install such equipment and to run it; using ready mixed concrete eliminates all of these costs, contributing to massive savings on the project.

Secondly, ready mix ensures the maximum use out of all materials used – quality is always guaranteed, meaning that none of the mix will be wasted by factors such as miscalculating the components or a poor mix due to bad weather.

Less equipment

Using ready mixed concrete reduces problems that could arise from using more equipment. For example, there are no cleaning and maintenance charges, or risk of breaking equipment, which could cause a costly fine.

Here at Ever Readymix Concrete, we guarantee a high quality mix every time, no matter what size your project is. We provide a prompt and efficient delivery, and provide flexible delivery times to accommodate your requirements.

Contact us today for more information, or to request a quote from a member of our team.